6 thoughts on “Indie Polish Favorites

  1. Oh geeze! I have a ton of favorite brands. A short list: Hare Polish, Nerd Lacquer, Candeo Colors, Rainbow Honey, Shimmer Polish, You Polish, Happy Hands, Cult Nails, Dollish Polish, Femme Fatale Lacquer, KB Shimmer, Hungry Asian, Maisie Shine, Nail Sauce, Polish Addict, Sonoma Nail Art, Whimsical Ideas by Pam, just to name a FEW I would buy from again! Haha I’m sure I left some out :X

    How I find new brands is usually by searching “nail polish” on Etsy. BUT, In all honesty (not trying to be rude to anyone) there are a LOT of indies popping up… and not all are good polishes…Some people think it’s a quick money maker but they don’t realize it’s more than just mixing pretty things together and slapping on a label. I highly suggest when you do find a brand, Google for blog post reviews.

    Also, the distributors like Llarowe, Harlow & Co, Ninja Polish, ect sell pretty trusted indie brands if you want to start your search there! Hope this helped a little bit 😛

  2. There are SO many amazing indies out there! If you haven’t already, you should check out Llarowe at http://www.shop.llarowe.com. She carries lots of gorgeous polishes that are really high-quality. My two favorite brands are Girly Bits (check out Fathomless, Hulk Smash, Visions of Sugar Plums) and Pretty Serious (Party By The Pool, Mummy Mush, The Pink One, Poltergeist Puddle are great). They’re both available at Llarowe. Ninja Polish is another awesome stockist, and they have their own brand. If you want something interesting and different, Pretty & Polished has temperature sensitive polishes that have really dramatic color shifts. May Flowers is a good one to try from them.

    You’re always welcome to stop by my blog or find my FB page if you have any questions! I got into indies less than a year ago, and I remember feeling a little lost with all of the choices out there. It’s sometimes hard to know what will be great and what looks good online but is garbage in the bottle. I personally wouldn’t buy from eBay after hearing some of the stories about rip-offs.

    Good luck and happy shopping!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by! I have been to llarowe, but I kind of got overwhelmed with so many to choose from. It’s always easier when someone gives you recommendations, right?

      You have a great blog, and I’ll definitely be surfing around it!

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