Happy Birthday Daphne and Pretty Serious Cosmetics!

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I’m joining in on the fun today in celebrating the 1 year birthday of Pretty Serious Cosmetics! I’m new to Pretty Serious Cosmetics, but I gotta say that their ship time was awesome, the formula of “Daphne’s Birthday Party” was great for a glitter, and I’m digging “Daphne’s Birthday Party”. I grabbed a bottle to join in the celebration – and of course I’m hoping to win the prize of every polish they release until Daphne’s 2nd birthday! So, with all that said, onto the swatches! I decided to layer “Daphne’s Birthday Party” over my existing mani of yesterday, especially because I wanted to keep the color-shifting with the glitter.

The following are both outside, in natural light:


Because of the color-shifting base, it really allows Daphne’s Birthday Party glitters to really pop and be seen the way they should be. I did a slight waterfall look to Daphne’s Birthday Party, and I really like the way it turned out. It makes it look like falling fireworks, definitely appropriate for a birthday! What do you think? Be sure to check twitter and instagram for the hashtag #happybirthdaydaphne and #prettyserious to see all the cool swatches. Also check out their blog post (which totally made me tear up!) detailing this special occasion.


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Daphne and Pretty Serious Cosmetics!

  1. This is cute! What a fantastic glitterbomb. I have seen a lot of this brand since it first came out, but I haven’t really been tempted to indulge in them.

    • Thanks! I’m seeing some of the swatches they are posting on their facebook page, and some people are just so dang creative, like making a cupcake on their nails. LOL I need to get better at art.

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