Sinful Colors Blues Comparison (and a Request)

If you follow my facebook page, you’ll know that the other day I was talking about all the blues I had bought lately – and after going through what I had bought – I realized that 6 of the blues were darker blues. Of course, that calls for a comparison swatching! I also have a request. I bought a dark blue but it had no tag – so please help me figure out the name of it! Here are the 6 that I compared. I did one thick coat of all of them except Hot Spot, which was patchy and needed 1 thin coat and 1 thick coat.


The first three:

The second set of three:

All of them together:

As you can see, the unnamed one is very close to New Wave, but the unnamed is a bit more cool toned, where New Wave is more warm-toned. If anyone knows which blue this is, please leave me a comment! Which one of these blues is your favorite? I really love blues all of a sudden, but I think New Wave is the navy blue that I’ve been searching for. As always,


5 thoughts on “Sinful Colors Blues Comparison (and a Request)

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