Lucky 13 Lacquer review

*Polishes reviewed were purchased by me.*

Good morning! I have some beautiful Lucky 13 Lacquer polishes for you today! 🙂 When Lucky 13 Lacquer was nearing her 666th sale, she gave away a full size Flame of Udun. Well, I didn’t win that, but I was 665, so I won a shortie size of Flame of Udun!

Let’s start with that. I tried using FoU by itself, but it is fairly sheer, so I started over. For undies, I used 2 coats of Sinful Colors Black on Black on my ring and index finger, and 2 coats of Sinful Colors Coffee on my pinky and middle finger. Then on my pinky and ring fingers, I used one coat of FoU, and two coats on my middle and index fingers.

Lucky 13 Lacquer Flame of Udun

Lucky 13 Lacquer Flame of Udun

It’s hard to tell (mainly because my pictures suck today), but I do prefer FoU over black, with 2 coats. Otherwise, this applies nicely with no dragging problems.

I also bought “Fool of a Took” and “But I Want To Fight” – Lucky 13 Lacquer’s polishes for Merry & Pippin from the Lord of the Rings. I just re-watched The Fellowship of the Ring last night, and I was reminded how light-hearted and free Merry & Pippin were in the beginning, and how so much changed by the end of the movies. I think Pippin’s journey is the one that always makes me want to cry the most, out of the hobbits.

So, next up is Fool of a Took:
Lucky 13 Lacquer Fool of a Took

This is 2 normal coats, application was a breeze. This is topped by Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food, and HK Girl Topcoat. You’ll see this one again in a couple of days for one of my Halloween manicures!

Lastly is But I Want To Fight, Merry’s polish.
Lucky 13 Lacquer But I Want To Fight

I’ve used 3 thin coats here, with a coat of Glitter Food and then HK Girl. Application was a bit trickier here but the end result is so lovely!

What do you think of these three? You can find Lucky 13 Lacquer on facebook or at her shop (though she’s on vacation right now).

Starting tomorrow, I’ll have the first of some Halloween manicures that I can’t wait to show you! Until then,
Be Happy and Buy Polish

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