#17 Favorite Brand (Crumpet’s 33Day Challenge)

Good morning all! It’s Hump Day, and another challenge day. Today’s challenge is to do artwork featuring your favorite brand. It was a toss up between OPI and Sinful Colors, so I chose OPI.

I’ve used OPI Skyfall (deep red), My Boyfriend Scales Walls (off white), and You Don’t Know Jacques (grey-brown). I decided to do a simple triangle and striped manicure – check it out!

OPI Skyfall, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, OPI You Don't Know Jacques

OPI Skyfall, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, OPI You Don't Know Jacques

What do you think? My triangles are a bit off-center, that’s what I get for doing this at night when I’m sick! My daughter said that they looked like Christmas trees and my husband said Doritos, what can you do? LOL

I know you want to see more, so click the blue frog!

I’ll have another Halloween manicure later today, so until then,
Be Happy and Buy Polish

2 thoughts on “#17 Favorite Brand (Crumpet’s 33Day Challenge)

  1. These look so cool. I didn’t even notice that they’re off center. 😀 Looking at your pinky, it kind of reminds me some cool shirt under a tux (although there’s no black involved) 😛

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