Bowling Nail Art

Good morning all! By the time you read this, I’ll have been up for a few hours already, on the road. In case you didn’t know, my husband runs his father’s bowling center. Today there is a tournament a little ways away from our city, so we’re traveling there for my husband to compete. I wanted to give him some good luck nails for the day, so I created a fun manicure! Let’s take a look. (Please excuse my ugly thumb!)

On my left hand, I created the lanes, complete with bowling ball and pins. I used OPI Did You ‘Ear About Van Gogh on all the nails as a base. The pins were created with OPI Alpine Snow, OPI Black Onyx, and OPI Color So Hot It Berns. The ball was created with Black Onyx and Alpine Snow. The arrows were created with SOPI Studs & Stilettos.

Bowling pins, bowling ball


Bowling pins, bowling ball

The heads of the pins are a mite too big, but otherwise, I’m pleased with this!

On my right hand, I wanted to do a few different things. I created a pop-out 300 and 800 – 300 of course for a perfect game, and 800 for a series. My husband has had many 300 games but never an 800 series. Both these nails were created with Alpine Snow & Black Onyx. Since we were headed to a tournament, I also decided to do a dollar symbol and a tournament cup. I started off with a base of OPI My Vampire is Buff on those nails. For the dollar nail, I used SOPI The Golden Age for the bling, and OPI Jade is the New Black for the dollar symbol itself. The tournament cup was created with OPI Goldeneye and ringed with Black Onyx. Lastly, I created a bowling frame, complete with strike; again created with Black Onyx and Alpine Snow.

Bowling tournament

Btw, do you know how hard it is to do curved lines (that look the part) with your non-dominant hand?! LOL.

So, what do you think? I rather like how they turned out, ugly thumb and all! So dish…what’s your highest bowling score? Do you even like to bowl? Spill it in the comments! Until tomorrow,

Be Happy and Buy Polish

14 thoughts on “Bowling Nail Art

  1. I really like your mani. Unfortunately I have never ever bowled :s. It was rather expensive in Estonia and the time my friends went to bowl I was sick as a dog and had some exam studies to do. I guess it’s still time to fix it XD
    And good luck to your husband!

  2. These are so cute. A co worker of mine is going to a bowling tournament this weekend with her boyfriend and wanted me to create some type of decals/design for her to wear to the event. I googled and here your nails are! I love this. I think I am going to do some bowling pins and the ball and I really like the lane dots/arrow and we’d already come up with X’s for strikes. I don’t know a lot about bowling as I have only gone a few times. My first game I got a 35 I think, and I was so proud. Now I think I get somewhere in the 70’s. I still haven’t broken 100. Ha ha. I’m more of a bookworm and scholar than athlete.

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