LA Splash nail polish swatches

purchased myself buttonHey all, I’m still enjoying my Christmas nails, so I’m showing you some LA Splash swatch spam today! I hope you’re enjoying your Christmas break (if you are having one), or a fast week if you aren’t! Don’t forget about entering the Hobby Polish Bloggers giveaway which ends very soon. 🙂

I’m splitting this into two parts: cremes and glitters. Today, the cremes! All have one coat of Beauty Secrets top coat.

Aqua Fusion, 3 coats:
LA Splash Aqua Fusion

Blowfish Fushia, 2 coats:
LA Splash Blowfish Fushia

Blowfish Violet, 2 coats:
LA Splash Blowfish Violet

Blowfish Yellow, 3 coats:
LA Splash Blowfish Yellow

Blue Splash, 2 coats:
LA Splash Blue Splash

LA Splash Blue Splash

My favorite, in terms of formula and color, has to be Blowfish Violet. I’m loving purples, and that just hits the sweet spot for me. What about you? Tomorrow I’ll be matching up some glitters with these cremes, so until then,

Be Happy and Buy Polish

7 thoughts on “LA Splash nail polish swatches

    • Hi Thalia, I totally spaced putting this in my post (which I fixed now!), but yes, I did use top coat with all of them – Beauty Secrets top coat from Sally’s Beauty Supply. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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