FingerFood’s Theme Buffet #2: Geometric Shapes

Happy Sunday morning to you out there! 🙂 I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far. Last night I had the chance to catch up with girlfriends for dinner and nails and it was soooo lovely! I really treasure the times we get together, it’s so relaxing for everyone.

Today is the second week for FingerFood’s Theme Buffet, a weekly challenge; this prompt is geometric shapes. I confess, I’m terrible at this, and I feel like today is another geometric fail for me!

I’ve started out with 3 thin coats of YouPolish Neither Here – a polish I’ve had but not used since summer! This polish has a great blue base with pink, white, and black glitters of various shapes; it also has black and white bar glitters (which usually I hate but I think here they work). I’ve used Glitter Food to smooth out the glitters, then topped with Color Club 0-60 topcoat.
YouPolish Neither Here

YouPolish Neither Here

Then I used Sinful Colors Cream Pink and Snow Me White to create conical shapes in rows. Well, I tried to create conical shapes.
YouPolish Neither Here, Sinful Colors Cream Pink, Sinful Colors Snow Me White

YouPolish Neither Here, Sinful Colors Cream Pink, Sinful Colors Snow Me White

It’s not quite what I was going for, and I’m not too terribly happy with how it came out. LOL! Well, everyone has to have a nail fail sometime, right? Let’s see everyone else’s mani, I’ll bet they were way better than mine!

I hope you have a great rest of the weekend, and I’ll see you later!
Be Happy and Buy Polish

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