Sinful Colors Sham-Rockin Nail Polishes

Purchased by Me buttonGood morning everyone! I hope you are looking forward to the week. Did your team win or lose or do you not care one way or the other about the Super Bowl?

I have used OPI base coat and top coat with all these polishes. First up is Green Ocean. I’m showing 2 coats here over Snow Me White, Pistache, Exotic Green, and San Francisco. A flaky polish I actually like, will wonders never cease! 😉

Sinful Colors Green Ocean | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Sinful Colors Green Ocean | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Next is Pistache, shown is 2 coats. This was a crazy hard picture to take – either the photo was leaning way too neon or too dark. I finally had to stand at my front door with weak daylight shining on it to get a decent picture. This is exactly the color of pistachio pudding.
Sinful Colors Pistache | Be Happy And Buy Polish

This is Call You Later, 2 coats over Snow Me White. I absolutely love this glitter topper and it definitely screams “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” to me.
Sinful Colors Call You Later | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Next is Exotic Green, 1 thin coat and then 1 thick coat. This is a squishy green. I think if it wasn’t so squishy (more of a cream), I’d like it better.
Sinful Colors Exotic Green | Be Happy And Buy Polish

HD Nails is next, this is 2 thin coats. This leans just a bit too frosty for me to like, plus it is so sheer!
Sinful Colors HD Nails | Be Happy And Buy Polish

San Francisco is next, this is 1 thin and 1 thick coat. I know you spy that blue duochrome, but that doesn’t show up on the nails at all. I still really like this green though.
Sinful Colors San Francisco | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Lastly is Sin-Ammon, this is 1 thin and 1 thick coat. I was sure I was going to hate this, but I actually don’t.
Sinful Colors Sin-Ammon | Be Happy And Buy Polish

My must-haves for this collection are definitely Green Ocean, Pistache, Call You Later, and San Francisco. Are you liking any of these polishes? I had picked these up at Walgreens, but if you have a Rite Aid, you might check there as well. Run to pick these up now before they disappear again (especially Green Ocean). Until tomorrow,


11 thoughts on “Sinful Colors Sham-Rockin Nail Polishes

    • I think besides Green Ocean and Sin-Ammon, the rest are actually part of the permanent line from Sinful Colors. You should be able to find them at Walgreens, Rite Aid, Target, Walmart. 🙂

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