Essie Wrapped In Rubies swatch + review

Purchased by Me buttonAfternoon everyone! I hope you are having a spectacular Friday. How about a quick post with essie Wrapped in Rubies? (I’m going to assume that you’ve said yes and are still reading. 😉 )

essie Wrapped in Rubies 3-finger pose | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Wrapped in Rubies is a warm toned red polish shot through with copper.

essie Wrapped in Rubies | Be Happy And Buy Polish

essie Wrapped in Rubies macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I’ve used 2 coats here plus top coat. You’ve got to work quickly here as it dries pretty fast.

I’m not usually one for red polish (I love the color red in everything except for nail polish, for some reason) but this is an interesting polish! I just wish it didn’t dry so fast, I would love it a lot more.

What’s a color you love in everything but your nails?


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