Guest Post from Stacie: Fun With Black and Silver

Hello, Be Happy and Buy Polish readers! I’m Stacie from and I’m your guest poster today. I have a black and silver skittle mani that I hope you’ll like. For this look, I used Digital Nails‘s Pandorica (black holo) and Wow (silver holo), Sally Hansen’s Black Out (black creme), OPI’s Push and Shove (silver foil), and Indigo Bananas‘s Moonlight (Clair de Lune) (silver flakies). I used top coat on every nail but the middle one. All photos were taken in direct sunlight.

One of my favorite things to do with nails is play with variations on a theme. Of course, the theme here is black and silver, so I went for different finishes of each color so that that variation is there, but the look as a whole is cohesive. Silver offers a lot of options, probably more than black does; it was pretty difficult to narrow my choices down to these five polishes.

The reflection on Push and Shove is so awesome.

My favorite nail is the middle one. I didn’t expect to like the combo of Black Out and Push and Shove so much. Mostly I think I’m impressed with my dotting technique, because I can never get my dots too even. I also like that it looks like something other than nail polish, like it’s a foil or a wrap. If you’ll allow me to toot my own horn, toot toot.

From left to right: thumb, index, middle, ring

So there we are! This mani incorporates holographic, foiled, metallic, and creme finishes into one silver and black mani. Do you think your skittle manis out this way? Tell me your method in the comments!

All polishes featured in this look were purchased myself. Digital Nails polishes are sold in their etsy shop. Indigo Bananas polishes are sold on their website. You probably know where to buy OPI and Sally Hansen.

Thank you, Stacie, for this edgy skittlette look. All my readers know how much I love my skittlette looks! Please give Stacie a follow over at her blog, instagram, twitter, and Pinterest

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