Annual Random Acts of Kindness Day and manicure

Purchased by Me buttonPolishes used:
LA Colors Color Craze 372 Intimate (pointer and middle fingers), 2 coats plus top coat
Sinful Colors 2212 Rojo Your Boat (writing)
Pahlish Wingardium Leviosa, 1 coat under YouPolish Lucy’s Sparkle (ring finger); 2 coats under Sinful Colors Transforming Top Coats 2294 Redrum (pinky finger)

I talked to you about how I was feeling on Sunday and I guess that feeling hasn’t gone away. My kids still want to do the annual random acts of kindness in honor of my mom; to be honest, I don’t feel like doing it. I wanna stay at home and eat my feelings and not change out of my pajamas. But I’m gonna buck up and do it for my kids. And then maybe tonight, I’ll sit with a piece of cheesecake and some wine and just cry.

As always, I hope you join me in doing a random act of kindness today in honor of someone you love and cherish. Hashtag it #RAOK4Lucy so I can see too.

LA Colors Intimate, Pahlish Wingardium Leviosa, Sinful Colors Rojo Your Boat, Sinful Colors Transforming Top Coat Redrum | Be Happy And Buy Polish

One thought on “Annual Random Acts of Kindness Day and manicure

  1. This is a beautiful mani. I am glad your kids are helping you get out for a bit. I cannot presume to know how you’re feeling and all I can say is that it’s ok to feel any way you want. You have your family around you to lean on and I’m sending you warm and healing thoughts. ❤

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