French manicure with roses and dots

Purchased by Me buttonPolishes used:
Revlon Treat & Boost base coat, 1 coat
L.A. Colors Jelly Sheer Perfection, 2 coats
L.A. Colors Hot Blooded
Bad Bitch Polish No Tricks
China Glaze Liquid Leather
Funky Fingers Gesso
Dreamland Lacquer Ooh Shiny QDTC, 1 coat

french manicure with handpainted roses and dots | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I’m writing this on Saturday night and dear God I am so glad this day is almost over. My husband had an employee call out sick and so he has to cover that shift; this means he’s working almost 20 hours straight. :/ This also means that besides having a head cold, I was run ragged by my 4 (wild, crazy) dear, sweet children all by myself from sun up to sun down.

I did have two hot seconds to myself this afternoon where I sat down and did my nails. I haven’t done something so classical in a long time but I saw this cool tutorial from @yagala on instagram and wanted to try it out. I think my black lines could have been thinner (and probably smoother) but other than that, I think it turned out okay!

french manicure with roses and dots | Be Happy And Buy Polish

french manicure with roses and dots macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

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