Sinful Colors makeup Face Forward, Diva Lash mascara, Shade Boss eyeshadows, Bold Brows, Shady Babe cream shadows swatches + makeup looks

Purchased by Me buttonHey everyone! I hope by now you’ve seen that the Dollar Tree store has started to have quite a few Sinful Colors makeup products. I have found many things, but one thing I have not found: any eyeliners! I’ve been looking at 4 different Dollar Trees for weeks and no luck. But I do have swatches, product photos, and makeup looks with the Face Forward sticks, Shade Boss powder eyeshadows, Diva Lash mascaras, Bold Brows Intense Effects, and Shady Babe cream eyeshadows. If you’re looking for swatches of the lip products I found, check out Sinful Colors Pout It Out and Pout Play. This is kind of a monster post, so hold onto yer hats!

Let’s start with the powder eyeshadows and go from there. Yes, I know, arbitrary but it’s my blog, darn it. LOL

Shade Boss in Flaunt
White base with blue iridescence

Shade Boss in Proud
Shimmery cream

Shade Boss in Lusty
Shimmery gold

Shade Boss in Caught My Eye
Shimmery pink

Shade Boss in Volatile
Pink/red with a slight shift to orange

Shade Boss in Strut
Metallic rose gold

Top to bottom: Flaunt, Proud, Lusty, Caught My Eye, Volatile, Strut

Shade Boss in Wicked
Shimmery purple/pink with blue iridescence

Shade Boss in Starry Eyed
Purple with blue & pink glitter specks

Shade Boss in Evil Eye
Shimmery mermaid green

Shade Boss in Indulge
Matte brown

Shade Boss in Erotic Black
matte black

From top to bottom: Wicked, Starry Eyed, Evil Eye, Indulge, Erotic Black

Shady Babe Cream Eye Shadow in Charming and Stunning
Pink and turquoise

Shady Babe Cream Eye Shadow in Hypnotic and Dazzling
Forest green and silvery purple

Bold Brow Intense Effects Smoldering and Ferocious
Bronze and red

From top to bottom: Hypnotic, Dazzling, Charming, Stunning, Smoldering, Ferocious
Don’t hate me, but you’ll probably never see these cream shadows on the blog. Why did I even buy them? Don’t ask. But I loathe cream shadows.

The Bold Brows…oh man. Where do I start? Gloopy. Thick. But sheer. You’ll see in the makeup look below that I had trouble! No bueno. Hard, hard pass.

Diva Lash in Lash Splash
Bright blue

Diva Lash in Styl-Eyes
Deep purple

Diva Lash in Scanda-lash

Diva Lash in Fantas-Eyes
Bronze with shimmer

Diva Lash in Hypnot-Eyes

Diva Lash in All Eyes

From top to bottom: Lash Splash, Styl-eyes, Scanda-lash, Fantas-eyes, Hypnot-eyes, All Eyes

In my experience, all the mascaras have performed fairly well, with no flaking. But they have a tendency to try to straighten my lashes out, so just beware you’re going to have to work your lashes a bit.

Face Forward All Over Highlighter Stick in Get Lit

Face Forward All Over Highlighter Stick in Rose Glow

Face Forward Blush in Cheeky

Face Forward Bronzer in Hot and Bothered

From top to bottom: Get Lit, Rose Glow, Cheeky, Hot and Bothered

All of the face sticks are dry, like zero moisture. The blush is fairly sheer.

I created two makeup looks with these products, so let’s take a look at them. I’m leaving out what other products I used, and am only including the Sinful Colors products.

For this mermaid inspired look, I went with a purple/green look. I used the Face Forward sticks in Get Lit, Cheeky, Hot and Bothered; as well as the products below.

I used eyeshadows in Flaunt, Wicked, and Evil Eye (over a black sticky base). I also used Diva Lash in Hypnot-Eyes (first), and All Eyes (second).

For the lippie, I used a base of Tasted with the gloss Impulsive over the top. Did I say how much I liked the look of these lippies but I hate the formula?? Ugh. BUT Tasted did leave a really lovely stain on my lips at the end of the day.

So funny story about this look (the look I’m currently wearing): earlier today, my youngest was throwing a fit so I was holding him against me. He reared his head and the back of his head hit me square in the upper lip. Yay! I tried to conceal it as best as I could. :/

For this look, in addition to the products below, I used the Face Forward sticks in Get Lit, Cheeky, Hot and Bothered.

I used Proud, Lusty, and Volatile (partially over a black sticky base); Diva Lash in Fantas-Eyes; Bold Brow Intense Effects in Smoldering. Yeah, I had lots of trouble with Smoldering; it just did not want to do behave. I was afraid if I really glooped it on my eyebrow that it would look horrid; so I did not use too much, but then it left bare spots.

Since my lip is partially bumped up, I wanted to try a neutral lip first with Sensual Suede (top). But ultimately, I liked the look of Indulgent (bottom) better.

I know I used two shadows over a black sticky base, but it isn’t required for longevity. Every makeup look I’ve done with the powder shadows and/or mascaras has lasted nicely through the day.

And if you’ve made it this far, bless you. 😛 If I ever find the liners, then I’ll make a new post with product photos and swatches. Let me know what you think of these products!

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