New to Me: POP Polish Slicks

Purchased by Me buttonIt’s been a long time coming and I was able to finally buy myself more P.O.P Polish slicks. I thought I’d show off bottle shots of the new polishes I grabbed a few weeks ago. Don’t forget to check out manis with other POP Polishes by looking through my blog!

From left to right: Celery Slick, Dragon Slick, LipSlick, MatchSlick, Rebirth of Slick, Slick Like That

Celery Slick

Dragon Slick



Rebirth of Slick

Slick Like That

From left to right: Slickest of Them All, Speak Softly and Carry A Big Slick, Street Slick, This Is A Slick Up, What A Royal Slick, You Evil Slick

Slickest of Them All

Speak Softly and Carry A Big Slick

Street Slick

This Is A Slick Up

What A Royal Slick

You Evil Slick

I’m Dreaming of Slicks

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