OPI Muse of Milan plaid + animal print nail art plus swatches


If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ve already seen these swatches and nail art but I’m going through backlog of stuff I haven’t posted here and doing so!

OPI Alpine Snow, 2 coats and no top coat

OPI This Color Hits All the High Notes, 2 coats and no top coat

OPI Have Your Panettone and Eat It Too, 2 coats and no top coat

OPI Drama at La Scala, 2 coats and no top coat

Plus check out my Instagram video tutorial on this mani!

Tiger Stripe Nail Art Manicure with Sweet & Sour Lacquer How Do You Like Them Apples


Good morning! I hope you are warm & well today. It’s currently 10 degrees but with “real feel” of 3 😬. I’ve created some nail art with both polishes from the Harvest Gala collab: today I’m showing my tiger stripes/slasher nail art manicure with Sweet & Sour Lacquer How Do You Like Them Apples?, using Julie G Black Sheep as the stripes.

I love how breaking up the manicure with the black slashes really helps those flakies pop out even more! Don’t forget this polish is available for preorder starting October 24 through 30 at http://www.sweetandsourlacquer.com.

Nail Polish Roulette

On tiktok and instagram reels, there’s this fun fashion roulette where the account metaphorically spins the wheel to end up on an outfit. Well, I thought it would be fun to do this with nail polish!

Here’s the six polishes I used:
Sweet & Sour Lacquer Limón
•LA Colors Neon Jelly Electric Lime
•Sinful Colors So Daupe!
Heather’s Hues Meraki
Pahlish Chameleon Circuit
Dollish Polish Tiamet Goddess of the Sea (October 2017 Polish Pickup Pack)

Here are swatches of each, but please click through to see my instagram reels nail roulette video.

Sweet & Sour Lacquer Limón, 2 coats and no top coat

LA Colors Cosmetics Neon Jelly Electric Lime, 3 coats and no top coat

Sinful Colors So Daupe!, 2 coats and no top coat

Heather’s Hues Meraki, 3 coats and no top coat

Pahlish Chameleon Circuit, 2 coats and no top coat

Dollish Polish Tiamet Goddess of the Sea, 3 coats and no top coat

The Harvest Gala collab: Sweet & Sour Lacquer and Peachtree Polish/Bonparsco


Hi! I hope you are well today. I have a fun collaboration between Sweet & Sour Lacquer and Peachtree Polish/Bonparsco to show you. This collab consists of 2 nail polishes and 1 lotion. Read on for more details and of course, pictures!

The Harvest Gala Collab 

Pre order October 24-30 for $25 + shipping for 2 polishes and 1 lotion at www.sweetandsourlacquer.com

Peachtree Polish Let’s Get Toasted is a dark bronze crelly with gold shimmer. It’s loaded with iridescent flakes that shift from red to gold to green. 

My photos show 2 coats plus 1 coat of Sweet & Sour Lacquer Glossy Sauce, then 1 coat of matte top coat. This is a jelly polish, and those who want more complete coverage may want more coats.

Sweet & Sour Lacquer How Do You Like Them Apples? is a candy apple red filled with pink/gold/green flakes, a dash of orange shimmer, and a touch of silver holo dust. 

My photos show 2 coats plus 1 coat of Sweet & Sour Lacquer Glossy Sauce, then 1 coat of matte top coat. This is a jelly formula and some people may want more coats for complete coverage. A note: HDYLTA will come with new fan brush.

Bonparsco Lotion: An aloe lotion that’s rich with skin-loving Shea and Cocoa butters. The scent is Toasted Marshmallows which will remind you of sitting around a warm fire roasting marshmallows.

From left to right: before application, right after application, 5 minutes after application.

I’m fairly picky about my lotions, especially hand lotions. I loathe the feeling of greasy hands and often have to wipe down my palms because they feel slimy. Suffice to say, my standards are high: but Bonparsco Lotion exceeded them! Right after application, my hands are greasy; between 5-7 minutes after application, the lotion has soaked in and I don’t even have to wipe down my hands.

The scent also is really lovely; not heavy enough that I get a headache, not so light I don’t even smell it.

Fun gradient using both How Do You Like Them Apples and Let’s Get Toasted

Phew, I’d forgotten how hard writing reviews was! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and don’t forget to check out my Instagram and Facebook pages for swatch videos and more photos. Plus I’ll have more nail art coming soon!

Hey strangers…here’s where I’ve been

Hey everyone! I know it has been over a year since my last post. So much has happened!

-I lost my will/the heart to blog on a regular basis. It seemed like stats were tanking, and I hated that I was placing so much importance on what my stats were; losing my joy in showing off polishes and makeup looks in the process.

-Last year I was pregnant with child 5, and when you’re pregnant and you already have kids…well, life is exhausting. 😴 There was just no time to blog regularly!

-The computer I had just kept getting slower and slower until it was almost impossible to use. Added into the mix was that my external hard drive was killed (thanks children) and I still can’t recover all the photos I had. Also my camera performance was getting worse and worse. All of that added up to a disheartened me.

So, I started microblogging on instagram and slowly the joy I had when I started this blog has come back. I’ve been posting when I want, and how I want, and trying to drill into my head “Comparison is the thief of joy” *thanks Nichole*. I’ve stopped being so concerned about how my photos look, and being obsessed about taking “the perfect picture”. I’m sharing more about me than just my nails and my makeup.

Now I’m getting into Instagram Reels (I never did get into the tickity-tok) and even though it is frustrating at times, it’s also something I’m enjoying!

I’m hoping to get back to actual blogging because let’s face it, an actual blog has lasting power that microblogging doesn’t have. I do feel there is still value in blogging and I hope that when I get back to regular posting, you’ll be here along for the ride.

Peace to you, and be well!