French manicure with roses and dots

Purchased by Me buttonPolishes used:
Revlon Treat & Boost base coat, 1 coat
L.A. Colors Jelly Sheer Perfection, 2 coats
L.A. Colors Hot Blooded
Bad Bitch Polish No Tricks
China Glaze Liquid Leather
Funky Fingers Gesso
Dreamland Lacquer Ooh Shiny QDTC, 1 coat

french manicure with handpainted roses and dots | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I’m writing this on Saturday night and dear God I am so glad this day is almost over. My husband had an employee call out sick and so he has to cover that shift; this means he’s working almost 20 hours straight. :/ This also means that besides having a head cold, I was run ragged by my 4 (wild, crazy) dear, sweet children all by myself from sun up to sun down. Continue reading

Tiger Stripe Nail Art manicure with Polish ‘M, Formula X, Sinful Colors

Purchased by Me buttonPolishes used:
Polish ‘M The Great Pumpkin, 2 coats. Good formula, if a little sheer; if I was going to wear it by itself, I would have done a third coat to cover my nail line completely.

Sinful Colors Coco Bae
Funky Fingers Dark Knight
Formula X Naughty Newton, 2 coats. This dries textured. Good formula, just a tad sheer.

Formula X Oh! Zone, 1 coat plus 2 coats of top coat over Naughty Newton.

Un-frog-gettable Cuticle Cover┬áso I didn’t have to do so much clean up. This stuff works really nicely, is inexpensive, and comes in unscented.

This is my current mani and though the tiger stripe isn’t perfect (and my top coat smeared a bit), I really love how it came out. I haven’t done an animal print manicure in quite some time, and I got this idea after watching a video from kombucha_witch_ on instagram. (Go watch, I’ll wait.)

Tiger Stripe nail art manicure with Sinful Colors Coco Bae, Polish 'M The Great Pumpkin, Formula X Naughty Newton, Oh! Zone | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I first used Coco Bae, and just kept going over it on the stamp head until it started drying out and pulling up. Then I applied it to the nail.  Then I did the same with the black polish, I just used more of it. Of course, my other hand came out much nicer. Continue reading

Gothic Nail Art with Bad Bitch Polish You’re a Star(ling), OPI My Current Crush, Zoya Tilly, Funky Fingers Dark Night

Press Sample buttonHi everyone and happy Halloween! I’ve just been really too “meh” to take on doing a Halloween manicure at the moment but I did this gothic nail art look a few weeks back and it seemed to fit the Halloween theme so I thought I’d show it to you today!

Bad Bitch Polish You're a Star(ling), OPI My Current Crush, Funky Fingers Dark Night, Zoya Tilly | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I started with 2 coats plus top coat of Bad Bitch Polish You’re A Star(ling) [press sample] on my pointer, middle, and ring fingers. On my middle and ring fingers, I used a striped vinyl stencil and painted Funky Fingers Dark Night over the top.

OPI My Current Crush, Funky Fingers Dark Night, Zoya Tilly, Bad Bitch Polish You're a Star(ling) | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I then used 3 thin coats and no top coat of OPI My Current Crush on my thumb and pinky.

Zoya Tilly, Bad Bitch Polish You're a Star(ling), OPI My Current Crush, Funky Fingers Dark Night | Be Happy And Buy Polish

On my pointer finger, I used a stencil with Zoya Tilly, then outlined with Dark Night. This part didn’t come out like I wanted to, unfortunately.

I know it isn’t really “Halloween” per se, but I still ended up liking the finished product quite a lot. Have a spooky day out there!