Tiger Stripe Nail Art Manicure with Sweet & Sour Lacquer How Do You Like Them Apples


Good morning! I hope you are warm & well today. It’s currently 10 degrees but with “real feel” of 3 😬. I’ve created some nail art with both polishes from the Harvest Gala collab: today I’m showing my tiger stripes/slasher nail art manicure with Sweet & Sour Lacquer How Do You Like Them Apples?, using Julie G Black Sheep as the stripes.

I love how breaking up the manicure with the black slashes really helps those flakies pop out even more! Don’t forget this polish is available for preorder starting October 24 through 30 at http://www.sweetandsourlacquer.com.

Neon Stripe Nail Art manicure with JulieG Beauty, Sally Hansen, Bee’s Knees Lacquer

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Polishes used:
Sally Hansen Rosy Quartz [press sample, previously swatched], 3 coats
Julie G Beauty Bikini [press sample, previously swatched]
China Glaze Liquid Leather
Bee’s Knees Lacquer All the Dinosaurs Fear the T-Rex, 3 coats plus matte top coat

neon stripe manicure with Bee's Knees Lacquer All the Dinosaurs Fear the T-Rex, JulieG Bikini, Sally Hansen Rosy Quartz | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Oh my gosh you all. I am so over summer vacation and it just started. >.< And I just realized that it’s June and my scheduled posts ran out at the end of May. So ummm I actually need to do some swatching and scheduling. haha!

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Angular manicure with Bad Bitch Polish

Press Sample buttonHey everyone! I’m back again with another (sort of) angular manicure with Bad Bitch Polish. I’ve used part of the November duo, Citrine Shimmer.

Bad Bitch Polish Citrine Shimmer | Be Happy And Buy Polish

So I started off with Citrine Shimmer, and here’s a reminder of what that looks like!

Bad Bitch Polish Citrine Shimmer, The Unburnt, JulieG White Orchid | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I really didn’t have a plan in mind when I sat down to pair Citrine Shimmer with nail art, which is probably why I didn’t really care for the end result. I ended up using Bad Bitch Polish The Unburnt and JulieG White Orchid.

I dunno, I’m still on the fence about this one. I like the color pairings but not the outcome. What do you think?

Halloween nail art manicures

Purchased by Me buttonI know, I know. Halloween has come and gone. And I would have had this post up on Halloween or before but I’ll be honest, I’ve really been struggling with anxiety this week and being seriously stressed and overwhelmed (still am 😦 ). So blogging took a backseat (thank you, past me for scheduling a ton of posts ahead of time) while I’ve been trying to sort myself out. I’m not completely sorted out (who is these days anyway?) but I wanted to sit down and show you the manicures I’ve had on my hands over the last couple of weeks leading up to Halloween. I’ve done a blood drip manicure, a disappearing/reappearing manicure, and a Frankenstein themed manicure. A copious amount of pictures ahead 😉

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Julie G Bohemian Dreams nail polish collection nail art

Press Sample buttonHey everyone! My apologies for my late review of the 6 JulieG nail polishes from the Bohemian Dreams collection. Like I explained earlier this week, I’ve got a very mobile 7 month old, a terrorizing two-year old, and 2 older kids headed back to school next week. Oh, and our family is moving to another part of town. Yikes. Anyway, my time has been limited, not enough time to sit and do swatching. So….I’ve been wearing a lot of my manis for a few days lately, including all the manis I created with this collection. Long story short, I don’t have swatches of all the polishes BUT I do have manicures with all of them. Let’s get on with it, already. LOL!

A quick application note: all these cream polishes applied like buttah. Seriously. I mean, the colors aren’t revolutionary but I am a sucker for a great cream polish and all of these fit the bill. Continue reading

JulieG Spring 2017 3-pack: Cabana Boy, OMG, Fierce & Fab + Watermarble

Press Sample buttonHello again all! I’m back with one more 3-pack of polishes from JulieG, this time with Fierce & Fab, Oh Em Gee, and Cabana Boy. (Check out Spring Pack #1 with easy nail art and Spring Pack #2 with medium nail art.) Instead of individual nail art, I used all three (plus JulieG White Orchid) for a watermarble.

JulieG Nail Color Spring Pack #3 Fierce & Fab, Oh Em Gee, Cabana Boy | Be Happy And Buy Polish
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JulieG Spring 2017 3-pack: Julie’s Fave, Santorini, Rio de Janeiro + Medium Skill Nail Art

Press Sample buttonHello again all! I’m back with another 3-pack of polishes from JulieG – this time with Rio de Janeiro, Santorini, and Julie’s Fave. Instead of like last time (JulieG Spring Pack #1) with easy nail art, I have medium skill nail art. For the nail art in this blog post, you’ll need: a sandwich baggie or plastic wrap, a toothpick or bobby pin (lol on finding a bobby pin in my house though), and a makeup sponge.

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