Guest Post From Procrastinails: Sea Turtle Nail Art

Good morning all! Today’s guest post comes to you from Katherine at Procrastinails (I friggin’ love that blog name!). I’ve known Katherine for quite some time in the nail community, and she is one of the sweetest and nicest bloggers. I’m so glad to have her here today!

Turtle stamping nail are with Essie and Konad

Hello dolls! Super pumped today to be writing a guest post for the lovely Jessica! I’m Katherine from ProcrastiNails and I’ve known Jessica for a while now. When I saw she was looking for some guest posters I jumped at the chance and put something together. What I ended up with was this fun and tropical sea turtle look!

Turquoise jellyfish and turtle nail art

I’ll be 100% honest with you and say this isn’t at all what I was planning to put on my digits when I sat down to play around. But that’s okay because I love it! I think I may have been unknowingly influenced by my background-noise movie of choice at the time (the newer and… very interesting… TMNT movie)…

To start I applied a coat of Essie Bell-Bottom Blues and then added some large random dots with Essie White Page and then dry brushed over them with more white to smear them along the nail. When I applied a layer of Essie Pen & Inky I was left with what I think looks like a school of jellyfish! AWESOME! If I was to add technical nail art terms I guess my base would be a single-layer pond mani with dotted dry brushing? Humm.

To finish it off I did some stamping with Konad White and some turtles from MoYou London Sailor Plate 10!

Macro picture of my dry-brush dotting and pond mani jellyfish

Here’s a closer look at my impromptu jellies! Do turtles eat jellyfish? I think they do! So maybe I should’ve called theses nails “Feeding Time”! (Is that as cheesy to read as it felt to write? Haha.)

Sea turtle nail art with stamping and dry brushing

Overall I’m super pleased with how these turned out, and I would once again like to thank Jessica for hosting me. 🙂 It was fun!

Let me know what you think about my turtles! And if you want you can also check me out on tumblr, facebook, instagram and twitter! 🙂 Thanks for checking my guest post out!


Are you kidding me with this? Isn’t this just freakin’ awesome?! Thank you, Katherine! Please let Katherine know what you think of this in the comments below, I’m sure she’d appreciate it. 🙂