Baroness X Vox Populi swatch + review

Press Sample buttonIt’s Friday, it’s Friday, woohoo! There’s just something special about Fridays that make me happy, for some reason. And to celebrate, how about a special nail polish for the day? I have Baroness X Vox Populi to show you today, which debuted at Cocktails & Colors 2016 and will be available for you tomorrow!

Baroness X Vox Populi | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Baroness X Vox Populi macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Vox Populi is described as a “blackened jelly with bright blue shimmer, clear holo glitter, and multicolored iridescent flakies.”

Baroness X Vox Populi 3 finger pose | Be Happy And Buy Polish

My personal description from my notes is that it is a blackened purple jelly with small black specks, purple micro flakes, and multi colored flakes. I love how my macro above shows off that purple that I couldn’t capture otherwise.

Baroness X Vox Populi cabochon | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Formula is sheer, but build able; pretty much the perfect consistency for me, not too thin and not too thick. It is fairly shiny without top coat, but of course top coat brings out all the goodness. This is 3 coats plus top coat.

As I said, Vox Populi will be available starting tomorrow at Baroness X, and each bottle will be $12. You won’t regret perusing the store for other goodies as well while you’re there – I love the matte cuticle balm for one thing!

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